Customize your next event with a variety of arcade games. Games are all commercial grade and will be placed on FREE PLAY for the duration of your event.  Payment is due upon delivery, no credit cards accepted. Please contact us for more information and make your next party a huge success!


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games available:

Subject to Availability 

*Dimensions vary based on model available 

standard video game 

PacMan, Ms. PacMan, Video Bowling, Galaga, Mortal Kombat, Area 51, Millipede, Etc. 

Dimensions: 2’2″W X 5’9″H X 2’10″D

premium video game

Big Buck Hunter                                                    Golden Tee
Dimensions: 2’8″W X 6’6″H X 2’8″D                    Dimensions: 3’W X 5’4″H X 4’8″D

chexx soccer

Dimensions: 3’W X 5′ L X 4’5″H

Driving game

Dimensions (1 seat): 3’8″W X 8’H X 5’10″D

Pool Table

Dimensions: 4’W X 8′ L X 3’H

dart board

Dimensions: 2’4″W X 7’H X 1’8″D W/ 8′ THROWLINE


Dimensions: 2’4″W X 6’6″H X 4’4″ L


Dimensions: 3’10″W X 7’4″ L X 2’8″H


Dimensions: 2’6″W X 3’H X 4’8″ L


Dimensions: 30″W x 123″L x 85″H


Dimensions: 31.5″W x 34″D x 75.25″H


Dimensions: 3’3″W X 8’3″H X 8’9″ L