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based on points in
Women’s 301 Doubles
Men’s 501 Doubles
Mixed Triples 701 A/B
Women’s Doubles Cricket
Men’s doubles cricket a/b
Mixed Doubles Cricket


Per player Per event Plus Greens Fee
$8 Greens Fee per person per event





Quality Inn & Suites

8250 Park Road, Batavia, NY 14020  |  585-344-2100  |  Room Rates start at $70



Sign ups close 15 minutes before event starts FIRM!


January 14

11:oo AM  Open triples cricket

1:30 PM  Singles combo

5:00 PM  4-person Team

9:00 PM  Blind Draw 500 Added

FRIDAY EVENTS: You are not allowed to sign up for an event if you are playing in a current event


January 15

9:30 AM  Women’s 301 Doubles A/B

10:00 AM  Men’s 501 Doubles

3:30 PM  Mixed Triples 701 A/B

9:00 PM  Men’s cricket singles A/B/C
Women’s Singles Combo Cricket/301/Cricket


January 16

10:00 AM  Women’s Doubles Cricket

11:00 AM  Men’s doubles cricket a/b

4:30 PM  Mixed Doubles Cricket